We enjoy working with clients on a highly personalised basis and pride ourselves on the services we provide.  Our clients look to us for timely, knowledgeable and experienced advice.  We combine legal expertise and market knowledge with cost-effective client service.  Our goal is to assist clients to achieve optimum investment terms.  In providing our services we adopt an eight-limbed approach.

Understanding Your Business

We meet with you to get a clear understanding of your business, portfolio, investment objectives and investment parameters.  As your business and investment criteria evolve, we continue to work in close co-operation with you to ensure that our advice meets your needs.

Fund Terms Preferences

We work with you to develop a list of preferred fund terms.  This forms the basis of our fund review work and legal due diligence on the funds in which you wish to invest.

Legal Due Diligence

We conduct legal due diligence and review of the fund documents relating to the funds in which you wish to invest, discuss problematic issues with you and negotiate the fund documents as your legal representative and in accordance with your instructions.  We ensure that you are kept informed and involved at all appropriate stages during the process.

Unbiased Investor Representation

We act only for investors.  This is in contrast to many traditional law firms that tend to act for both fund manager and investor clients, which can lead to conflicts of interest as well as compromised advice.  Our investor representation focus distinguishes us and provides a unique unbiased alignment of interests allowing us to secure optimum terms for our clients.

Cost Effective Expertise

Unlike many law firms, legal due diligence for investors is our speciality and not an ancillary assignment that is left to a junior lawyer to get on with.  Each project is personally seen through from beginning to end by an experienced senior lawyer.  Many of our services are provided on a fixed fee basis.  Any services with a variable component are charged at transparent competitive rates.  Our clients benefit from expert advice at a lower cost compared to traditional law firms.

Sound Practical Advice

We are not merely legal experts in our field.  We have a profound commercial understanding of the alternative investment funds market.  We are accordingly able to offer legally sound yet commercially practical solutions to issues.  Moreover, our regular representation of investors enables us to maintain an in-depth knowledge of current market terms and to ensure that our clients invest on the best possible terms.

Long Term Partnership

We work with clients on a long-term partnership basis, and so our relationship with you does not end upon the closing of a given fund.  We can provide on-going services for MFN reviews and other issues that may develop over a fund’s life.  Moreover, we would be happy to continue providing legal due diligence services in relation to future funds in which you invest, thereby providing the consistency necessary as you develop your investment portfolio.  Indeed, we have been providing services to clients for over a decade.

Integrity Diligence Timeliness

Our core values underpin everything we do:

  • Integrity – We are the trusted adviser and partner of choice for our clients
  • Diligence – We take great care in our work and go the extra mile for our clients
  • Timeliness – We work hard to ensure that all time-lines in fast moving cross-border transactions are duly met.
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